AccuCutter Company
We've stayed in business by cutting corners!

Accucutter is recognized within the trophy, award and engraving industries for its innovation, quality and depth of product line. It offers the most complete line of shears and cornering systems in the industry. All products carrying the Accucutter name are designed, manufactured and serviced in the U.S.A. at our facility in Carlisle, PA.

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Reviews of our Equipment

The Engravers Journal's J. Stephen Spence reviewed our Model 4001 shear in September 2006. Click below to read all about it.

Product Review: Accucutter's Model 4001 Shear

Accucutter Company History

Bill Kramer gave up a successful career as an attorney to take the helm of Accucutter Company, which the Kramers have transformed into the best known manufacturer of shears and cornering equipment in the Recognition & Identification Industry. This article appeared in The Engravers Journal (March 2009).

Accucutter Company Profile

Handy Reference Materials

There is a lot more to shearing than meets the eye, especially when you consider the type sheet size, material thickness and accuracy requirements of your jobs. This chart helps first time buyers to make the right choice.

Accucutter's Shear Selection and Material Capacity Guide